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                                Vision, Mission & Values


hristmas Party 2008

Our VISION is to continuously strive to be the #1 petroleum and related products distributor in the upper Midwest, making us the company of choice for our customers giving their business an advantage.

Our MISSION is to provide value added business solutions to our customers by selling high-quality products and services through marketing, manufacturing and process management.

To accomplish our VISION & MISSION effectively requires:

•   Selling value-added products and services to enhance our customer’s profitability and customer satisfaction.

•      Utilizing innovation, creativity, knowledge of the applications and industries to enhance the effectiveness of our products.

•    Meeting our sales and economic objectives on an annual basis.

•    Maintaining a safe, fun and creative work environment with respect to diversity, innovative ideas and hard work.


To achieve our VISION & MISSION, we value:

•    Our customers by providing them with premium, reliable and high quality products at a fair price.

•    Employees who have a passion for our total business performance and have fun achieving those objectives for the company and most importantly the customer.

•    Being recognized as an industry leader in providing customer service, marketing and technical assistance.

•    Integrity, honesty and ethical conduct in all aspects of our business.

•    Candid, straightforward communications and the sharing of knowledge and information.

•    The realization that there is never a problem if you take care of the customer.

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