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                   Gas, Fuel & Propane

Stern Oil Company is prepared and equipped to help you, whatever your bulk fuel needs might be.   We can supply diesel, gasoline, fuel, propane, jet fuel, etc. in small and large quantities, as well as tanks.  Contact us to find out more about our bulk prices, tanks and equipment.


Stern Oil Company is dedicated to the delivery of bulk fuel anytime and anywhere.  We have over 30 years of experience delivering fuel via bobtail and transport. We understand that a tanker load is sometimes more than you need.  We can deliver as much or as little as you need, even in emergencies, directly to your home or business. 


Stern Oil Company offers a consistent supply of propane throughout South Dakota whether you are looking for portable tanks, cylinders, or bulk delivery.  We offer propane by the gallon, in cylinders, or in loaned bulk tanks delivered directly to your location. We can provide tanks that best fit your needs we carry a vast inventory of tanks for job site needs or more permanent tanks for your business.

We offer summer fill pricing and payment programs to fit your needs.  Call for the most current pricing.  Click here  for a credit application to open an account with us.



Stern Oil Company offers Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel for use in on-road diesel vehicles. Small volume or an entire truck load of on-road diesel can be delivered directly to our customers, even at their job site, via bobtail or transport.   

Stern Oil Company offers tax free Ultra Low Sulfur Off Road Diesel fuel used for construction equipment, generators, reefers/refrigerators, and agricultural equipment delivered directly to your home or job site.

Call Kelli or Gillas for prices on any of the products or services mentioned above.



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