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Stern Oil Company, a Freeman-based business, touches customers on a number of levels; from a localized retail capacity (gas stations and home fuel deliveries) to a much larger, wholesale capacity (with a more technical and industrial focus) that serves clients in seven states.  

Sound advice and economical plans for fuel and lubrication use on a broad scale is a big part of the business strategy Stern Oil Company has implemented in today's changing world.  

Stern Oil Company has distribution centers in Aberdeen, SD; Rapid City, SD; and Council Bluffs, Iowa; and operates 2 convenience stores:  1 in Parker and 1 in Whitewood.   

Taking care of the customer has always been at the heart of what Stern Oil Company does. That's true today, more than ever. It is important to us to stay in tune with our client's needs and provide the kind of product and management plan that can work in the customers favor.  By doing this, we stay relevant and vital in the communities we serve.  


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